Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant

Company Overview

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GLOBEACTIVE LTD. is one of the leading partners in providing engineering and asset integrity solutions to worldwide clients. With its international expertise in oil, gas, power & water, private industrial projects, construction, petrochemical industries, along with a reputation for progressive and innovative approaches, GLOBEACTIVE LTD. is aiming for a rapid expansion and prosperity.

GLOBEACTIVE LTD. is a Canadian company that promotes technologies and technical expertise to support international companies needs in petroleum, oil & gas industry facilities and infrastructure by providing rapid, innovative, transparent and comprehensive solutions around the world.


Our story goes back since late 90’s where we have been serving oil & gas, petroleum, petrochemical and pipeline industries in different parts of the world.

Through the years of providing specific integrity engineering solutions to clients in the oil & gas sector a joint partnership was formed with an International Inspection company. The intent of this partnership was to provide a complete engineering and integrity management solutions to worldwide petroleum and oil & gas clients.

From oil field corrosion management and control in Kuwait & Indonesia, to pipeline network inspection and monitoring in UAE and Kazakhstan, to asset integrity management, equipment inspection and certification in Africa and North America. Our engineering asset integrity expertise have expanded over the years.


GLOBEACTIVE LTD. vision is to maintain a leading position by effectively and efficiently supporting and providing expertise and services to the petroleum, oil, gas, construction, petrochemical, refining and power industries worldwide. By providing impartial, honest and transparent engineering services and by delivering quality, safe, reliable, innovative and efficient services to our clients.