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Inspection and Testing

  • In addition to conventional NDT techniques, GLOBEACTIVE LTD. is offering clients a technical support in understanding the client specific issues and selecting specific advanced non-destructive testing and inspection technique and method in order to detect and evaluate material flaws and defects effectively and reliably. The following advanced NDT techniques can be offered:

    • Automated Ultrasonic (AUT) using both Phased Array and TOFD techniques
    • Magnetic Flux Leakage & electromagnetic techniques
    • Guided Wave Ultrasonics
    • Acoustic Emission
    • Internal Rotational Inspection System (IRIS)
  • Pipeline In-Line Inspection Solutions

    We understand the complexities and challenges involved in pipeline inspection projects and we are committed to provide turn-key pipeline In-Line Inspection services including the planning, organizing and execution of the inspection campaigns. These projects can involve the following services:

    • Pipeline cleaning programs
    • Pipeline geometry inspection and XYZ mapping
    • Pipeline intelligent inspection program
  • We provide wide range support of inspection services to the oil and gas, construction, and petrochemical industries, including non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection services integrates with rope access services. We offer an accredited Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) certified inspection for our clients worldwide.
  • Wide range of rotating equipment used in the petroleum industry which may include engines, compressors, gas turbines, pumps, generators, blowers, and gearboxes. We offer technical support in inspection and maintenance of rotating equipment including API specialized and advanced inspection techniques. We utilize the following techniques:

    • Thermal Imaging Technique
    • Infrared Thermography
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Acoustic Emissions

    In addition, we offer the necessary technical advice in recommended course of actions in maintaining and performing the necessary repairs and rectifications.

  • We provide the required API certified and highly qualified personnel to inspect client’s assets and equipment. GLOBEACTIVE LTD. provides the following API inspections:

    • Pressure Vessel Inspection API 510
    • Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection API 653
    • Pressure Piping Inspection API 570
    • Fitness for Service API 579
    • Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry API 571
    • Electrical Equipment certified inspection API SIEE

Asset Integrity Management

  • We specialize in developing a customized asset integrity management system specifically suited to client’s requirements and needs. We review, assess and evaluate assets and facilities along with the client organization and future developments. We draft and develop asset integrity management philosophy for clients review and approvals and establish specific integrity plans and programs targeted for each asset category down to equipment by developing an integrity work plans based on risk assessment and risk ranking methods. Weather it is a pipeline system, onshore or offshore processing facilities we offer asset integrity management system as part of a new development or an improvement of an existing system, methodologies and practices.
  • We offer Engineering Critical Assessments (ECA) or Fitness-for-Service evaluations for any type of defects which can range from metal loss, cracking, geometry, manufacturing, and weld defects. Specific calculation and assessment methods are employed to obtain remaining strength values, safety factors and serviceability requirements. Several industry standard techniques and programs can be used for the evaluations. Mitigation strategies and repair methods can also be provided if the assessment deems necessary depending of the defect type and its severity.
  • If you are a client seeking to implement risk based inspection (RBI) for your facility, Plant, or pipelines, GLOBEACTIVE LTD. provides the support in such undertaking by implementing a project that covers the supply of a reputable RBI software and associated configuration, training and documentation.
    Our offered approach includes supply and configuration of the software platform that is specifically designed and suited for the plant, facility or pipeline system. The offered analysis uses both quantitative & Qualitative RBI with full transfer of knowledge to clients. In this process, we would present the Probability of Failure (POF) models for each relevant threat and Consequence of Failure (COF) models as well. In addition, inspection planning approaches are evaluated and presented for each of the main mitigation activities.
  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. provides Third Party Equipment inspections, by carrying out requested examination and testing at manufacturer or vendor location for a wide range of equipment. We offer QA/QC Inspections across a range of disciplines including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation in addition to welding, coatings, valves, etc. In addition, we can provide dedicated inspectors for specific types of oil and gas inspections requiring specialist knowledge.
    We also carry out a variety of factory acceptance testing (FAT) ensuring our clients’ equipment meets requirements with regards to operations and quality. We can attend vendor premises to witness FAT’s being carried out in line with client procedures and specifications including full documentation review.

Corrosion Management

  • We provide, one-stop solutions to external corrosion challenges. We provide wide range of Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Services for onshore and offshore systems to our clients worldwide. If its new system design or upgrade of an existing one, each system is custom designed by NACE accredited corrosion engineer to test and maintain corrosion prevention system. The services include:

    • Survey and assessment of cathodic protection system performance
    • Design development and review of existing design to meet the protection criteria
    • Troubleshooting and data collection of potentials and current attenuation of the system
  • We offer comprehensive corrosion assessment services to determine the root cause of failures and analyze corrosion causes. We offer the assessment based upon industry standard of remaining strength calculations and fitness for service assessment of corrosion defects. In addition, we provide the service of conducting both direct and indirect external corrosion assessment of buried pipelines.
  • We provide an independent verification of coating and paint system performance based on laboratory testing and/or field examination and custom application. For a given coating and painting system, there are several manufacturers in the market that offer industrial paint and coating materials including high integrity and latest technology products. It is not safe to assume that all coating systems within a given generic category are created equal and therefore, careful evaluation of coating system performance prior to full-scale field or plant application can be used to determine which of the candidate systems will perform the best. We provide coating and painting assessment and performance evaluations which are facility-specific, industry-specific or coating or painting type-specific. We provide our clients with each of these evaluation methods and their inherent advantages and limitations. We provide third party on-site inspection services, corrosion surveys for quality assurance and failure analysis of coatings and metallic structures. All qualified by NACE certified inspectors following appropriate codes and standards.
  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. offers qualified, certified corrosion and material engineering specialist that can develop a unique corrosion management strategy to meet your specific needs. We offer unrivaled experience, knowledge and equipment to bring you a full range of corrosion monitoring services as follows:

    • Specification of corrosion preventative measures
    • Consultation on all aspects of corrosion
    • Corrosion Audit and Surveys
    • Technical evaluation of alternative corrosion prevention measures
    • Supervision of the implementation of Corrosion Prevention Programmes

Material Testing & Failure Investigation

  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. offers a suite of integrity based engineering services – specializing in failure analysis and fatigue and fracture mechanics, as well as dynamic and residual stress measurement (strain gauging) services. We offer the investigation of failed components and determining the cause of failure in order to prevent further failure, injury or loss of life, and thus reduce any associated financial loss. We offer macro and microscopic investigation and material testing; and where possible, witnesses and operational personnel interviews. The results of these examinations, tests and interviews are then combined to establish the most probable root cause/s of failure.
  • Our expertise in materials and metallurgical testing can assist our client in coordinating and conducting such tests around the globe. We can coordinate the performance of testing and examination of different engineering materials with a network of experts and specialist facilities by conducting a range of destructive and static testing, including tensile and charpy impact tests, to more technically demanding fatigue and fracture toughness tests. We can also coordinate quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis using qualified techniques, specialising in quality control, analysis of process fluids, and a range of physical and thermal analysis procedures.
  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. is an experienced, trusted provider of Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) services. We can manage your overall organizational response—from leading the cause analysis effort to providing incident scene management and technical analyses, to interfacing with regulatory and legal stakeholders. We coordinate with safety, risk and compliance experts who possess written industry-leading guidelines, performed hundreds of investigations determining root causes and trained thousands of individuals from over 50 countries on how to handle incident investigations. With decades of experience in Safety Management, we help asset owners and operators investigate incidents impacting process safety, personnel safety, the environment, production and company reputation.

Engineering Services

  • Often times a client will require an expert interpretation of documents. One of the services we provide is Document Review. This independent review will provide an unbiased professional review to ensure accuracy of data, quality of product, and safety of a material. We also provide the integrity engineering assessment and analysis by performing a damage mechanism assessment and developing corrosion control documents with informational integrity operating windows.
  • We can help out with various services, depending on the client situation. GLOBEACTIVE LTD. can assist in material selection of a wide range of equipment under different process conditions. We could perform material design and selection during concept or basic engineering stage, detail engineering stage, or for failure prevention purposes.
  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. has a network of engineering specialist that provides Process Engineering reviews and expertise to clients that enable them to improve the safety, quality, environmental performance, reliability, operability, efficiency and economy of their facilities and plants. We have a capability to participate and contribute to Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) or Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) initiatives. Additionally, we can support our client with Management of Change (MOC) activities to ensure that integrity is maintained throughout the design and development process.

Safety Critical Equipment Verification

  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. can assist clients in the identification of safety critical elements (SCEs) and the classification of high-level safety critical elements. We also provide the necessary verification testing and inspection required as per the applicable codes and standards particularly to safety equipment and cranes offshore and onshore installation.
  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD supports clients in the verification and certification services for pressure equipment, including design review and inspections. The certification service assesses whether design and manufacturing activities conform to international codes and standards. The verification service can be delivered in all project phases, and checks that pressure-containing equipment complies with specified requirements.
  • GLOBEACTIVE LTD. can support client in setting measurable standards for the performance of all SCEs required to prevent, detect, control, mitigate or recover from a major accident event. We can further support clients in documenting these measures to be taken (either in terms of testing or other examination) in order to assure that the SCE meets or can be expected to continue to meet, it’s performance standard. Such written schemes of examination may be produced for any number of items of safety critical equipment or systems, not necessarily one per SCE. We could also provide the service to incorporate all the relevant schemes of examination in a matrix in order that the scheme overall can be readily understood, and be auditable and incorporated into maintenance management system of the client.