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NACE International, the Worldwide Corrosion Authority, is recognized globally for the quality and high standards of its training and certification programs. NACE organization is focused on training through courses and certification activities and further advancing the corrosion profession. GLOBEACTIVE LTD. is a partner of NACE in the area of training and certification. GLOBEACTIVE will offer NACE’s education programs in Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Gabon to bring comprehensive educational courses to further the careers of corrosion professionals in the African region. In addition to NACE’s world-class Coatings Inspection courses, GLOBEACTIVE will offer NACE’s Pipeline, Integrity and Cathodic Protection programs.
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METEGRITY (Visions Enterprise® Asset Integrity Solution Software)

Metegrity is a leader in technical software design and development company providing comprehensive asset integrity management applications solutions. The software suite is a proven value-added software solution to plants, pipelines and facilities. Visions Enterprise® constitutes different modules that suite oil & gas and petroleum corporations. These modules are capable of fully managing client’s asset integrity needs with a complete solution from the wellhead to the shipping terminal. This robust software helps to improve asset operations, extend equipment life, reduce risk of shutdowns or asset failure, and increase profitability. Furthermore, the software is designed to service plants, pipelines, refineries and facilities; we can tailor rapid implementation to client needs and accelerating their return on investment. Visions Enterprise® incorporates both time and risk-based asset management strategies to extend inspection intervals and prolong equipment life. This helps owner operators reduce the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns, potentially saving millions in maintenance and shutdown costs.

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Technical Inspection & Control Group (TIC) is a leader in providing site inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) services.


We are constantly expanding our expertise base. If you are interested in partnering with us for our future projects, we want to hear from you!